Reiki Treatments

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing that is deeply relaxing on an emotional and physical level. Energy healing has been used for centuries in various forms and in its purest form, it works with the energy fields around the body.

Energy healing assists with the flow of energy and helps to remove 'blockages' in a manner similar to acupuncture or acupressure, though with Reiki, it is a non-invasive treatment. Improving the flow of energy around the body enables relaxation, reduces pain and generally improves the state of relaxation.

At Waiheke Massage, you can either have a Reiki treatment as a stand-alone, or add it on to your massage.


  • 60 minutes Reiki - $90 studio / $100 mobile
  • Add on 30 mins Reiki to a massage - $40

Reiki can be effective on many levels, helping to correct energetic imbalances and clear chakras.

If you are seeking a holistic treatment that allows your mind to rest, emotions to balance, your body to de-stress, or effectively achieve pain reduction and speed up the healing process, Reiki is a great option.

The practitioners at Waiheke Massage are all qualified in this Japanese healing system.

Reiki & Massage

  • 90 minutes - $130 studio / $140 mobile

Experience a Massage and Reiki combination for a complete relaxation experience!

We will begin with a 60 minute full body massage which will include back, arms, legs, shoulders, hands and feet.

Then we will complete the treatment with 30 minutes of Reiki to enable you to fully and deeply relax.