stones-balancedYou can make a booking enquiry for a massage on Waiheke or for any appointment requirements that you have.

Once we have confirmed that we are available for your appointment, you can also make an online payment using your credit card, bank transfer (we also accept cash at appointment with a deposit in advance).

You can also purchase a gift voucher that can be used for our services.

You don't need to confirm our availability if you are buying a massage gift voucher (no pre-confirmation required).

For all other services, for example:

  • Wedding Massage
  • Group Massage
  • Party Massage
  • Event Massage
  • Corporate Massage
  • Group Yoga

And anything else, please use our general enquiry form


Make an Enquiry

Get in Touch

Make contact to discuss and confirm your appointment requirements.

Make a Payment

Online Payment

Pay for an appointment or service that you've already pre-confirmed with us.

Buy a Gift Voucher

Gift a Massage

Make someone's day with a Waiheke Massage Gift Voucher.