Sally providing a massage on waiheke

Therapeutic Massage on Waiheke

Renew Your Body, Mind & Spirit

The natural, ancient art of therapeutic massage is well known to be restorative and healing, benefiting both the mind & the body, which in due course positively lifts the spirit.

Introduction to Waiheke Massage

Waiheke Massage and Cloud 9 Healing is located on beautiful Waiheke Island – approximately 45 minutes from down-town Auckland.  Take the ferry, relax, unwind and experience the delight of a relaxing massage.

Waiheke Massage offer a range of professional therapeutic massage services from highly experienced, qualified practitioners, from nourishing individual sessions, to duo massage for you and your partner –  perfect for couples, friends and small groups!

We offer location based services; you can come to us at our studio, or we will travel to your accommodation on Waiheke Island if you have a house, rental home or if you are staying in a hotel / B&B.  Receiving a massage on Waiheke is easy, enjoyable and of course, deeply relaxing!

Read more about our therapeutic massage services and pricing, or to make a booking please contact us.

Gift Vouchers are also available

Some obvious benefits of a good massage

  • reduce stress, fatigue and anxiety
  • relaxation
  • relieve muscle tension
  • help with aches & pains (e.g. RSI)
  • reduce blood pressure
  • increase circulation
  • oxygenate the whole body
  • improve digestion
  • promote well-being
  • improve skin and muscle tone
  • increase productivity
  • improve morale

So what are you waiting for? Contact us and make an appointment or enquiry for your next massage on Waiheke.