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Mobile Massage Waiheke

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As well as studio based services, we offer Mobile Massage on Waiheke Island.

Are you visiting for a few days or longer and wanting to leave your stress or tired muscles behind?  A Mobile massage could be perfect for you?

What is a Mobile Massage?

The term is used to refer to massage therapists that visit you at your location, rather than you visiting their studio.

For example, you may have a holiday house or perhaps staying in a hotel or at a friend’s place.

A mobile massage service can visit you and offer therapeutic services, sports massage, pregnancy massage, deep tissue massage, relaxation massage and more.

How much does a Mobile Massage cost?

It depends on your location.  At Waiheke massage, we only charge a small additional fee for the majority of location based massage services.  If you are located “past Onetangi”, we will charge an extra fee, however the additional fee is not charged per person – rather it is charged per location, so if there is a group of you, the additional fee can be shared amongst your party.

What Mobile Massage services are on offer at Waiheke?

Waiheke massage offers a range of services – please see our services page and get in touch to organise your preferred date.

What locations can I have the massage?

It’s up to you! ideally the space should be large with room for us to manoeuvre, for example, your lounge, the deck or garden (on a nice day).  If you are located on the beach or in a large open space, for example at an event, we can bring a gazebo (extra cost) or you can supply your own.

Can I play my own music?

Yes! Our massage therapists always bring suitably relaxing massage with them, but you can listen to anything you like – though we recommend something relaxing!

Should I take a shower prior to the massage?

It is polite to shower before your massage therapist arrives.

Do I give the therapist food or drink?

Our massage therapists love water. You might prefer to prepare some for yourself too! After a massage, we always recommend drinking plenty of water to help you detox.

Can I light a candle / incense / aromatherapy?

Absolutely! All and any of these will help to set the tone.  Please make sure to put it somewhere safe, with something to to catch the wax.

Should I undressed in front of the therapist?

Our therapist will first need to set up the massage table, and then will want to wash hands and prepare for the treatment. You can undress during that time, keeping underwear on.  You will be fully draped with towels throughout the massage.

Do I need to provide a tip?

Our massage services do not include any tips and we don’t expect you to provide one.  Tips are completely optional, if you’d like to offer one, your therapist will probably appreciate that.

What to do with pets?

Pets are usually no trouble and we will happily work around them. However, if you feel you might be bothered by your pet, feel free to gently persuade them to take a nap in another room.

Should I help carry and set up the massage table(s)?

We want you to relax and enjoy your treatment, so we don’t expect you to assist with carrying tables – however, you are welcome to offer if you would like to do so.